how to make blaze rod minecraft xbox 360?


  1. To make a fire stick in Minecraft Xbox 360, you first need to gather some materials.
  2. You need 3 obsidian blocks, 1 iron block and 1 diamond.
  3. Next, use your iron nuggets to create a furnace.
  4. Then, use your obsidian blocks to create a nether portal.
  5. Finally, go into the Nether and find a blaze spawner.
  6. Kill the blaze and take its staff.

Minecraft (Xbox 360) Fire Farm “Tutorial”

Blaze Powder for Minecraft xbox 360

Yogurt FAQ

How do you make a cake in Minecraft?

To make a cake in Minecraft you need:
-1 egg
-1 bucket of milk
-3 candies
-1 block of wheat
First, place the sugar in the center of the crafting grid. Then, put the wheat on top of the sugar. Next, place an egg in the upper left corner of the grid. Finally, pour a bucket of milk into the bottom right corner.

Can you dye water in Minecraft?

Yes, you can dye water in Minecraft. To do this, just collect some dye of your choice from the dye factory or dye vat and right click on the water block with it. The water will then take on the color of the dye.

How to make infinite lava in Minecraft?

There is no surefire way to craft infinite lava in Minecraft. Some popular methods include using lava buckets to create a self-replenishing lava pool, using water buckets to create “lava waterfalls”, or using dispensers to repeatedly generate lava blocks.

How do you make a Minecraft cauldron?

To craft a cauldron in Minecraft, you first need to find a cauldron. They can be found in dungeons, strongholds, and blacksmiths. Once you have a cauldron, you need to put it on the ground and light it with flint and steel.

How do you make a potion of weakness without hell warts?

Brewing a potion of weakness without hell warts is possible, but requires more effort. First, you need to collect some dark moss and fermented spider eyes. Then, brew a Blinding Potion with Black Moss and Spider Eyes. Finally, add a little gunpowder to make your weakness potion.

How to make an invisibility potion in Minecraft?

To craft an invisibility potion in Minecraft you will need:
1 Splash Invisibility Potion
4 glass bottles
1 brewing stand
Use a large pot or bucket to fill the mason jar with water.
Add 1 splash potion of invisibility to the bottle.
Place the bottle on the brewing stand and wait for the potion to brew.

How to make a portal to heaven in Minecraft?

There are a few different ways to craft a portal to paradise in Minecraft. One way is to use obsidian and diamond blocks. First, you need to craft obsidian blocks by smelting obsidian in a furnace. Then you need to mine diamonds with a pickaxe to make diamond blocks. Next, you need to stand in the middle of the obsidian block and use the /give command to give yourself a diamond block.

Can you use crying obsidian in portals?

Weeping obsidian is not a portal component.

How to cure crying obsidian?

Weeping obsidian is cured by applying a coat of clear nail polish to the surface of the stone. This will help seal pores and prevent further staining.

How do you get into the Nether in Minecraft?

To enter the Nether in Minecraft, you first need to build a portal. To craft a portal, you need obsidian and flint and steel. Place the obsidian into a square and light it with flint and steel. When the obsidian is on fire, a purple portal will appear. Step into the portal that teleports to the Nether.

Can you make a brewing stand?

Brewing stands can be crafted by using 4 Iron Bars and 2 Sticks in the crafting grid.

How to find a nether fortress in Minecraft?

There are several ways to find a nether fortress in Minecraft. One way is to look for the nether fortress biome, a dark and spooky area with lava pools and obsidian columns. Another way is to watch the sky for lightning storms, as nether forts occasionally spawn in them. Once you find a fort, you can use your nether portal to get there.

Can you get the flame rod peacefully?

Yes, you can get blaze rods in peaceful mode. However, they are not renewable resources and will eventually run out.

Which villager gave blaze powder?

The villager who provides the blaze powder is a blacksmith. If you ask him, he will give you some, and he has an infinite supply.

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