how to put hold music on android?


  1. There are a few different ways to put waiting music on Android.
  2. One way is to use a music player app that has built-in music on hold. Another way is to use a third-party app that can play music from your phone’s storage or streaming services like Spotify.

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Is iPhone right for me?

There is no clear answer as everyone’s needs and preferences are different. Some people may find the iPhone perfect for them, while others may not. It really depends on what you’re looking for in your phone.

How do you skip waiting?

There are several ways to skip hold. One way to do this is to call the company’s customer service line and ask to be routed to a representative who can help you with your queries. If you are already waiting, you can press * or # to get the options menu. You can then press 0 to speak to a customer service representative.

Is it reserved for me only on pixels?

Keep it for me is something you can do when you take a picture with your phone. It keeps the image at the same point so you don’t have to refocus. This is useful if you want to capture something specific and don’t want it to be blurry.

Will Google keep call recordings for me?

Google does not currently keep user records of calls.

How do I activate Google Hold for me?

To activate a Google hold for you, open your Google account and go to the ‘My Account’ page. Under the “Sign-in & Security” section, find the “Google Activity Control” heading and click the “Manage Your Activity Control” link. On the next page, scroll down to the “Phone Numbers and Email Addresses” section and click the “Add Phone Number” button. Enter your phone number and click the Submit button.

Does Google Voice have music on hold?

Yes, Google Voice does have music on hold. You can choose from a variety of songs, or upload your own music to the service.

Is the music on hold to make you hang up?

There is no clear answer to this question as it depends on individual circumstances. In general, however, music on hold may be designed to get people to hang up so the company can clear the line for other customers. Additionally, keeping music on can be used as a way to keep people online longer so they are more likely to speak with a customer service representative.

What music can I use to keep the music going?

There are many different types of music that can be used to keep music. Some people prefer to use classical music, while others prefer to use more modern music. It really depends on your personal preference.

Where can I get hold music?

There are several different options for finding music on hold. One option is to contact a reserved music provider and purchase a subscription. Another option is to find royalty-free hold music online. Finally, you can use audio software to create your own music on hold.

How to change music on hold on Xiaomi?

To change music on hold on your Xiaomi phone, you need to visit the settings menu. From there, you can choose the type of music you want to play while on hold.

Can you set music on hold on iPhone?

Yes, you can set music on hold on your iPhone. To do this, open the Phone app and tap the menu icon in the upper left corner of the screen. Then, select Settings and scroll down to the Music on Hold section. Tap the type of music you want to use, then turn the switch on.

How does pausing music work?

Music on Hold is a feature that allows callers to listen to music or other audio content while on hold. This content can be pre-recorded or live, and can be customized to match the company’s branding. Music on hold is usually played through the phone’s speakers, but can also be routed to headphones or other audio devices.

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